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What Should I Expect at an ART Course?

Our courses are designed to be a combination of lecture, demonstration, and active practice. Over 80% of your time with us will be spent performing the techniques both on your peers and instructors. You will have the opportunity to receive feedback regarding your skills, what you can improve on, and how to create effective treatments for your patients. Clinical pearls, or real-life scenarios, are shared to help you apply your new knowledge immediately.

It is very important that you come prepared with a solid understanding of anatomy. In addition to knowing the names of the muscles and their locations, it is highly beneficial to understand the origin, insertion, innervation, and motion of each. Understanding the muscle movement, how it is best shortened and lengthened, and its fiber direction will allow providers to focus on the actual technique rather than the foundational knowledge that can be learned outside the course.

Please dress in a manner that allows freedom of movement and does not create layers between the contacts placed by your peers. You will be moving quite a bit, so dress comfortably.

ART courses are designed to give you the tools to immediately return to your clinic and begin implementing what you have learned. They are part of a life-long commitment to learning. Everyone from the founder to our instructors continue to improve, developing their skills to become more effective, efficient, and knowledgeable.

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