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What Does Being ART Certified Mean?
When you are ART certified, you can use the ART Certified Provider logo and statement in your online and verbal advertising. You can use videos and descriptions from our website on yours. You can use the techniques on your patients, and you will be searchable on the ART Find A Provider website.

How Do I Stay ART Certified?
Active Release techniques is a technique that must be recertified each year. There are a few different ways to do this:
  • Take a new course
  • Retake (recertify in) a course you have already taken before
  • Take the online recert
    • Only available every 2 years with a hands-on course in between
    • Not available for EPN members
What If I Don't Maintain My Certification?
There are a variety of reasons you may not continue with your annual recertification. While you are not certified you may not:
  • Advertise yourself (either digitally or verbally) as a certified provider
  • Use our logo, videos, verbiage or icon in any medium
  • Use our technique in your practice
If you are unable to recertify either due to life circumstances or health for a period of time and would like to reactivate your certification, you have a couple of options depending on your time away:
  • Sign up for any course you have already taken previously (recertify)
  • Sign up for a new course
*If you have been out of certification for 10 years or more, you must retake courses as a new certification in order to recertify in them