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What Does It Mean To Be ART Certified?

Those providers who have successfully met the certification criteria are eligible to do the following:
  • Use the current ART logo in all digital and printed media
  • Use the term "Certified ART (or Active Release Techniques) Provider" in all verbal, digital and printed media
  • Participate in the "Find A Provider" link on the ART website
  • Verbally explain the technique to patients as appropriate

How Do I Maintain My ART Certification?

Providers will be recertified for the next year in ALL courses previously certified in, upon meeting the one of the following requirements:
  • Take a new course
  • Retake (recert) in any previously taken course (if a test was a component of the course, it must have been successfully taken)
    • A minimum of 16 hours of course attendance must be met. Reminder that Sunday is testing and cannot be included in course attendance time
  • Take a separate Recert Course
    • Must be Full Body Certified
  • Take the online recertification course
    • Must be Full Body certified
    • Only available every 2 years with a hands-on course in between
    • EPN's not eligible

What If I Did Not Maintain My Certification?

Providers may not have taken a course to recertify for a variety of reasons. If you did not take a course within a year of your last course and are not considered ART certified, you may no longer:
  • Advertise being ART certified using verbal, written or electronic media
  • Utilize the techniques learned in the ART course
  • Utilize the "Find A Provider" link on the ART website

What If I Lapsed But Would Like To Recertify?

We understand that sometimes life situations occur preventing an annual recertification. To become an active ART member after lapsing, you can follow the same guidelines above for how to maintain your certification. This will activate all courses taken previously.

**Please note: If you have been out of certification for 10 years or more, you must retake your courses as a New Certification, including testing. The online and recert courses will not be available until you have met this requirement

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