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What Courses Have Exam Requirements?

Each of our Level 1 and Level 2 courses have a practical exam component. Our Online Recert has a short online quiz covering material discussed in the course.

What if I Don't Pass?

Everyone enters an exam with the plan of passing it. Due to a variety of factors (pre-course study, anxiety, health, etc.) you may join us for a course and not pass the exam. Until this is rectified, you are not a Certified ART Provider, and may not advertise yourself as such. The good news is that completing the testing component can be achieved by following one of these relatively simple processes:
  • Find a course near you, contact the ART office and schedule a testing time
    • Cost - Free
    • Long Tract Nerve and Master's Courses are not eligible
    • For Level 2 retakes, please contact the office to see if a Level 2 instructor will be available at the course of interest
    • Testing occurs on Sunday morning
  • Sign up for your next course and test for both while you are there
    • Cost - normal course fee
    • Contact the ART office and alert the staff to the need to test on the previous course materials as well
    • Testing occurs on Sunday morning
    • If you are attending a Level 2 course, you can test on any Level 2 material you have completed
      • For testing Level 2 material at a Level 1 course, please contact the ART office to see if a Level 2 instructor will be available at the course
  • Retake the course as a recert
    • Cost - $795
    • When signing up for the course, please let the staff know you need to retest on Sunday morning

What Does The Test Look Like?

ART end of course tests are hands-on, practical exams. Providers will choose a 20 minute window on Sunday morning, and will be tested on a set number of protocols:
  • Level 1 - 10 protocols, 1000 point scale
  • Level 2 - 6 protocols, 250 point scale

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