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Dear Provider:
Thank you for making Active Release Techniques part of your ongoing education and practice! Active Release Techniques® and ART® are protected by US and International trademark and copyright laws. The names, logos, educational materials, and treatment protocols may not be used, taught, or reproduced in any fashion without the express written permission of Active Release Techniques, LLC. Copying, reprinting, or remarketing any portion of the study materials or courses will result in legal action.

Course Materials: ART course materials are presented in a manual and DVD or USB flash drive and are part of the course price. It is a requirement that all attendees of our program pre-purchase these materials. ART does not see course materials separately unless they are an updated replacement version. Prior to taking a workshop, participants should study the course materials to prepare and use course time to focus on learning and practicing the treatment protocols, symptom patterns, and peripheral nerve entrapments.

Use of "ART" and "Active Release Techniques" Terms: Only providers who have taken an approved ART course, become certified, maintained their certification according to policy, and have a current, signed licensure agreement on file may use the names ART and Active Release Techniques.

Certified ART Providers:
  • Must complete one ART course and pass the practical examination with a score determined by Active Release Techniques to be considered a Certified ART Provider
  • May use the names Active Release Techniques and ART
  • May use the term "Certified ART Provider"
  • May use the official ART logo in approved settings with prior approval from Active Release Techniques, LLC in compliance with the Provider Brand Book stipulations
  • Must take a course once every 12 months in order to maintain active status
Certified ART Provider in Active Diagnosis Course: Providers must complete the SFMA pre-course work and quiz prior to attending the Active Diagnosis course. Once the course is completed, a follow-up test will be required to obtain SFMA status. Certification in Active Diagnosis is not dependent on certification in SFMA. If pre-course online material from SFMA has been activated, refunds will be minus the SFMA portion of the course.

Effective August 16, 2016

NOTE: The following information applies to fully-paying participants, students, and those recertifying.

Cancellations / Returns:
  • All cancellations / returns must be made within 90 days from the date of purchase to receive a refund
  • All cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the course start date will be refunded, less a $100 cancellation fee
  • All participants who cancel a course and receive a refund must also return the personalized study materials for that course, incurring a $295 return materials fee per manual / DVD (or USB flash drive) set
  • All returns must be cleared through the ART office, and ART must receive the materials within the 90-day period and inspect them before issuing a refund
  • A "Return Materials Declaration" must also be signed and returned, verifying that the study materials have not been reproduced or distributed
  • Subscriptions to the optional ARTMan app, paid listings, and/or web broadcast services will be discontinued if certification lapses with no refund of unused monies
  • Refunds will be applied to the original credit card or by the original form of payment
  • Any attendance to a live class voids all seminar refunds, regardless of the date of purchase
  • If you would like to transfer your course fees to a different location for the same course, you are able to do so without penalty prior to 30 days before the original course start date
  • If you would like to transfer to a different course (less than 30 days before the original course start date), a $100 transfer fee will apply
  • If you would like to keep your study materials and leave the course credit on file to use at a later date, you have 12 months from the purchase date to use that credit
  • It is expected that course hold credits will be used within 12 months from the purchase date, or your course fees will be forfeit
No Show:
  • If you do not show up for a course with no communication or contact with ART Headquarters by noon on the last day of the course, your course fees will be forfeit, and materials must be returned
Price Changes:
  • If there is a course transfer credit on file and the price of that course has increased since your purchase, you will be responsible for the difference in price in order to attend the course
  • If you cancel or transfer a course while you qualify for student status and want to use the credit on a course that occurs after your student status expires (6 months after graduation), you will be responsible for paying the difference between the student price versus the full price prior to the course to allow attendance

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